Alyssia Lloyd Advances to Chiropractic Assistant

Patients of Northern Nevada Chiropractic are very familiar with the cheery face that greets them as they walk in. Alyssia Lloyd has been working the front desk at NNC for a number of years, but as of September 1, she has been promoted to Chiropractic Assistant.

Alyssia holds a BS in Community Health Sciences, and this year she got the opportunity to complete an independent study program to get her Chiropractic Assistant certification. In February she passed the medical portion of the certification which covers therapies, x-rays, and the anatomy and physiology of the body. Then in August she became fully certified when she passed the second part of the test which covers Nevada statute laws for chiropractic.

“This was a great opportunity to continue my education and career,” says Alyssia. “I am thrilled to advance my skills and what I can do with patients to help improve their health and quality of life.”

In addition to her independent study, Alyssia completed on-the-job shadowing of the doctors. Now with her certification she is able to help in an official capacity which allows the doctors to keep on time and on schedule for patients. Alyssia is able to get patients set up with tables and transition patients between modalities. She is also trained on NNC’s Class IV laser which helps heal sports injuries and muscle soreness, as well as alleviate lower back issues, disc pain, and sciatica.

“It’s been really eye opening to get a deeper understanding of the body,” Alyssia says. “The application of all I have learned through this process gives me a real appreciation of the relief chiropractic gives patients.”

While she is thriving in her new role as Chiropractic Assistant, Alyssia will split her time between assisting the doctors and working the front desk. Now she is able to transition between in-room patient care to front office responsibilities like scheduling and insurance, making her very versatile for the office and for patients.

“In this new role, I can continue the rapport and relationships with the patients in the room because they already know and trust me from my years at the front desk. There is no disconnect and they already know I have their best interests at heart,” Alyssia says.

To maintain her certification, Alyssia will complete 12 credits of continuing education classes every two years. She is excited for this continued opportunity to better serve the patients of Northern Nevada Chiropractic.

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