Plantar Fasciitis

We often take our feet for granted, until they hurt and then everyday movements can be debilitating. People with plantar fasciitis know this all too well. Plantar fasciitis can make walking and standing very painful, severely limiting your quality of life. The pain in the heel usually flairs most severely after waking up or after sitting for a while. Age is a factor, but people who spend a lot of time on their feet are especially susceptible to the condition.

Relief for Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Because plantar fasciitis is caused by the ligament between your toes and heel becoming swollen, weak, and inflamed, chiropractic care is an ideal solution for its use of adjustments and massage. Your chiropractor will use a precise technique that adjusts the feet and ankles to provide relief to the plantar fascia tendon, allowing it to relax. Additionally your doctor will do a spinal adjustment to get the nerves flowing and sending healthy signals to your legs and feet, relieving pain in the heel. Your doctor may also use laser therapy to help relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis.

Once the pressure on the tendon is relieved, the foot can begin to heal. To continue the healing process outside of visits to NNC, your chiropractor will recommend at home exercises that will keep the plantar fascia tendon limber, reducing or eliminating the pain in the heel or tendon.  

Getting chiropractic treatment for your plantar fasciitis early will help to mitigate many problems that can come from living with the condition. Often people who live with the severe pain of plantar fasciitis adjust their gate when they walk, which can lead to hip and back issues, sore joints, strained muscles, and overall body pain. Since chiropractic care for the condition focuses the spine as well as the feet and ankles, the whole body gets realigned and back to optimal performance. This allows for proper form when standing or walking so that no further injury is sustained. Your doctor may also perform a digital foot scan that will custom map your feet and prescribe an orthotic that can severely help relieve the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. 

Plantar Fascitis Foot Anatomy

Relief from Plantar Fasciitis with Laser Therapy

Actual laser patient, Pam Braginton shares how laser treatment at NNC helped relieve her plantar fasciitis so that she could walk without pain. Laser therapy can help with a variety of conditions from chronic pain to speeding up healing after an injury or surgery.

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