Patient Tools

Muscle Stretching

Most of us sit during the day and use technology at school or work. This can lead to poor posture habits and back pain. Taking a few minutes every day to do these exercises in your chair will help to keep you aligned and decrease fatigue in your muscles.

Pectoral Stretch

This stretch is great for people who work in an office at a computer or individuals constantly in a hunched forward position. It is important to engage mid-back muscles to increase the depth of the stretch.

Office Relief Posture

This is Bruegger’s relief posture, which helps to combat fatigued postural muscles while seated. Performing this exercise a few times a day will get rid of “slump position”.

Shoulder Stretch to Increase Mobility

Dr. Welch shows us how to do a shoulder stretch using a towel. Check your internal rotation of each shoulder by pretending like you are scratching your back. This will show you which side has less mobility, for Dr. Welch, it is his right side. Take a towel and place the arm with more limited mobility below and pull up with the good arm until you feel a stretch in the front of the shoulder. Hold for 10 seconds, three reps, and make sure to keep good posture.

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