Chiropractic Treatment for TMJ/TMD

Many Americans suffer from temporomandibular joint pain, more commonly known as TMD or TMJ. It can cause severe pain in the jaw or be the source of chronic headaches. Chiropractic works with the muscles in the jaw and alignment of the head and neck to bring real and long-term relief.

The symptoms of TMJ or TMD generally present as:

  • Pain in the jaw when opening or closing the mouth
  • Pain when chewing or difficulty chewing
  • Headaches
  • Earaches
  • Clicking or popping of the jaw joint
  • Jaw locking

How to treat TMJ

People who suffer from TMD/TMJ often clench their jaw or grind their teeth. Most patients treat the disorder with an anti-inflammatory and a night guard, or even Botox in the jaw, which helps relax the muscles and ease clenching. In extreme cases, TMJ is also treated with surgery or intense dental implants and procedures.

Chiropractic for TMJ treatment offers a less invasive option without drugs or surgery. By working with the muscles and ligaments around the temporomandibular joint, chiropractic can provide long term relief of TMJ pain. Chiropractors also rebalance the mandible and the temporal bone that the mandible attaches to in the jaw. This technique reduces the pain and inflammation associated with TMJ. Your doctor will assess your TMD severity and identify a treatment plan to not just temporarily alleviate pain, but to realign your jaw for long term benefit without invasive procedures.


Patient Testimonials

Hear from some of our patients who suffered severe pain when walking and how chiropractic care helped restore their quality of life.

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