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Muscle Strengthening

There are many reasons to work on strengthening your muscles. It could be after injury as a part of rehabilitation or to prevent pain. Muscle strengthening is also a good practice for people who have sedentary work and need to strengthen abdominal muscles to relieve lower back pain and help improve posture.

Pelvic Bridge

The Pelvic Bridge is an abdominal strengthening exercise with the intent of stabilizing the lower back for rehabilitation of an unstable lumbar spine.

Pelvic Bridge with Leg Kick

This is an excellent exercise to build strength in the lower back and hips.

It requires abdominal muscles to be coordinated as you extend the leg. This exercise will rehabilitate weak abdominal muscles and strengthen your lower back so that you get fewer episodes of back spasms.

YTW Exercise for Shoulder Strengthening

This is a good exercise to help strengthen the posterior capsule of the shoulder. This stabilization routine will help target the rotator cuff muscles, a main culprit in shoulder pain. This safe exercise routine doesn’t need added resistance initially, but can be made more difficult with light hand weights under the guidance of your chiropractor.

Superman Exercise for a Strong Back and Core

In this Quick Tip video, Dr. Welch demonstrates how to strengthen the entire back by doing the Superman exercise. It is a good exercise to stabilize the core after patients are out of pain and is an especially good exercise to strengthen the body for winter sports, like skiing.

Exercise to Strengthen the Back of the Shoulder

If you are suffering with limited mobility raising your arm out to the side or to the front, it could be because your backside of your shoulder (the posterior capsule) is weak. In this exercise, Dr. Welch shows us how to use a broom handle to strengthen these muscles and achieve a greater range of motion.

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