Posture Correction

One of the leading causes of back pain is bad posture. Poor posture can lead to muscle fatigue, headaches, and symmetrical imbalance, to name a few of the unpleasant symptoms. Many of our patients work at a computer the majority of the day. This can result in “tech neck” which is a byproduct of bad posture while sitting or using a device such as a phone or computer. Often patients do not even know they are slipping into bad posture. The way we sit or stand is habitual, and most times people slouch or lean without even knowing it.

Relieve Your Back Pain Through Posture Correction

At Northern Nevada Chiropractic, we work with patients to retrain their posture habits using a tool called Upright Go. Upright Go is a posture trainer that is worn on the upper back between the shoulder blades and just past the nape of the neck. It provides a gentle buzz when you move out of the ideal posture position. You can also track your movements and progress with the app that is attached to your device.

We especially recommend the Upright Go for patients who sit the majority of the day, whether that be at a computer or driving. It is also especially effective for athletes who use the device outside of athletic activity to help train that muscle memory of good posture, which only enhances form.

Proper posture takes the pressure off your shoulders and reduces that extra strain on your back. Just adjusting posture can be the key to relieving back pain and preventing the pulling of other muscles or joints out of the ideal position.

How to Self-Check Your Posture

In addition to using a device like Upright Go to correct posture, you can also self-check your posture on a regular basis so you can identify issues early just by observing the physicality of your body. In the blog by Dr. Welch, How to Check Your Posture, he takes you through the process of doing a symmetry check and determine range of motion in the neck and back.

Posture Correction Using Upright Go

NNC’s Dr. James LoConte has seen amazing results from patients who use Upright Go. Here he explains how the device works and the benefits of pain relief he has seen from patients who have worn Upright Go to retrain and correct their posture.

Posture Correction Exercises

In addition to using a posture trainer like Upright Go, we encourage our patients to do posture correction exercises that help to strengthen and stretch the muscles in the shoulders, neck and lower back. Below are a few of the exercises you can do the help correct your posture.

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