Extremity Treatments

Most often people associate chiropractic with the spine, but really chiropractors treat all joints within the body. When chiropractors talk about “extremities” they are referring to the numerous joints in the body including the jaw, shoulder, ribs, shoulder, wrist, elbows, fingers, hand, hip, ankle, knee, toes, and the foot.

Aligning Your Whole Body for Optimal Health

When working with extremity joints, our chiropractors inspect for potential issues with misalignment, movement restriction, and joint irregularities. Your whole body is a hyperconnected system and problems in the extremities may also lead to chronic spinal issues.

NNC’s Dr. Riley takes a special interest in extremity adjustment and works with many patients who suffer from shoulder, wrist, and knee injuries. He will always check the spine to ensure alignment since it is the core and trunk of your body. Because the extremity adjustment should complement the spinal adjustment, Dr. Riley will then assess and adjust extremities as needed based on the symptoms of the patient.

The goal of the extremity adjusting is to analyze and then develop a treatment plan for the extremity that can be synchronized with the spinal treatment plan.

Extremity Treatment

Quick Tip Exercise to Relieve Knee Pain

In this Quick Tip video from Northern Nevada Chiropractic, Dr. Riley shows us how to get knee pain relief using a rolled towel and a little bit of pressure. The exercise loosens up the ligaments and tendons in the front of the knee creating more movement and flexibility and less pain. He suggests doing the exercise two times a day for a week to start feeling the benefits.

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As a chiropractor, I work on shoulders every day. I treat chronic injuries that have been present for many years in my patients and they come to see me when the pain gets so bad that they lose their normal range of motion and they can no longer sleep on their sides due to the pain

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