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At Northern Nevada Chiropractic, our philosophy is an alternative to invasive medicine, is the best medicine. We believe care means more than just an adjustment with an audible “pop”. At Northern Nevada Chiropractic we work with our patients to understand their goals, and form a treatment plan to reach them. Success is defined by our patients. For one person, this may mean the ability to hike Mount Rose; for another, success may just mean getting out of bed without pain. There are no cookie cutter patients, and no cookie cutter treatment plans.

Meet The Doctors

Dr. Daniel Welch, DC

Dr. Nicolas Riley, DC

Dr. Kimberly Nelson, DC

Dr. Caleb Mitchell

Dr. Caleb Mitchell, Reno Chiropractor

Dr. Jim LoConte, DC

Dr. Jim LoConte, DC

Trusted Chiropractic Services in Northern Nevada

For more than a decade, the physicians of Northern Nevada Chiropractic have been treating patients in the Reno and surrounding areas. We work with patients to relieve back pain caused by injury or accident and help restore their quality of life. Additionally, many of our patients come to NNC for preventative or proactive care to maintain wellness and full range of motion.

Patient Exercises

Your chiropractic care extends beyond your visit to NNC. Explore our Patient Exercise tutorials to learn how you can keep yourself out of pain and prevent repetitive injury through simple movements you can do at work or home. Whether you suffer from carpal tunnel, lower back pain, or a sports injury you will find relief between chiropractic visits by using these simple tutorials.

Office Relief Posture

Combat “tech neck” which is caused by postural overload resulting from sitting at a computer all day. Roll your shoulders back and push the belly button out to get your spine back in alignment and alleviate those strained shoulder and neck muscles.

Pectoral Stretch

Patients who have internal rotation of their shoulders really benefit from this pectoral stretch. All you need is the corner of a room or the frame of a door and your body weight to complete this exercise.

Golfer’s Elbow

If you experience pain on the inside of your elbow, this exercise can provide relief. By positioning your wrist and applying gentle pressure, you can extend the arm and fingers to create a nice stretch.

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