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Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain is one of the most common issues we treat in our clinic. There are several exersises you can do at home to relieve lower back pain. Lower back pain is often associated with long stretches of sitting, whether at a computer or in a car. Sciatica is also a close cousin of general lower back pain and both can be relieved with these exercises.

Press Up Exercise to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Dr. Welch demonstrates how to do a gentle and easy press up to create a bend in the lower back. Creating this arch and then breathing through the exercise helps relieve sharp lower back pain and is also a good movement to combat sciatica pain. Do this until some of the pain starts to melt away, and then you can progress in to more advanced exercises for lower back pain.

Advanced Press Up Exercise to Further Relieve Back Pain

Here, Dr. Welch shows us how to do an advanced press up. This exercise is good for people who have lower back pain, but are past the acute stage of pain and further into rehabilitation. Go to what you can tolerate – it should feel like you are relieving stiffness, not a sharp pain. Doing 10 reps of the advanced press ups about five times a day will really help relieve the lower back pain and any descending pain into the legs.

Dead Bug

A excellent core strengthening exercise, allowing quicker recovery from lower back injuries.

Pelvic Tilt

A critically important exercise for rehabilitating the lower back in order to prevent back injuries.

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