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Reno Chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Welch, DC

From a young age, Dr. Welch was always interested in healthcare. Dr. Welch felt inclined to pursue a career that would help people feel their best thanks to safe, innovative treatments. It’s why this Reno chiropractor chose this particular sector of the industry.

Dr. Welch’s treatment plans take a whole-body approach to chiropractic. He has certifications in nutrition, radiology, prenatal care, biomechanics, and extremity rehabilitation. Dr. Welch is nationally certified in non-surgical spinal decompression through Life University in Marietta Georgia.

Dr. Welch focused on growing Northern Nevada Chiropractic through holistic medicines while also educating his patients. Doing so allows them to improve their lives through optimal wellness treatment plans. Dr. Welch also takes a special interest in working with athletes to help them stay at top performance or recover from injury. He uses soft tissue techniques such as active release therapy and is trained in the Graston Technique for muscle scraping to help him more precisely treat the patient, getting them faster and better results. Dr. Welch is also certified in Dry Needling, which is a proven treatment technique to improve muscle, tendon, and connective tissue pain.

As one of the most innovative wellness clinics in northern Nevada, patients can take advantage of general chiropractic care, massage therapy, spinal decompression, hydrotherapy, electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, and much more.

Along with the rest of our staff, Dr. Welch continues to offer the highest quality of chiropractic care. That means that there’s no need for invasive surgical techniques or potentially dangerous medications. At Northern Nevada Chiropractic, our mission is to help our patients enjoy optimal wellness without needing to deal with pain any longer.


“I am an active 81 year young woman who had a total knee replacement in February of 2015. Unfortunately, I had a lot of scar tissue issues and, to this day, my new knee has never functioned at 100%. I have lots of discomfort, swelling and can only get about 85% range of motion.

After having tried a number of different treatments – physical therapy, chiropractic, foundation training, acupuncture and active release technique – my research led me to the most amazing chiropractor I have ever seen: Dr. Dan Welch with Northern Nevada Chiropractic in Reno, NV. He offered laser therapy to me which has helped increase circulation and decrease inflammation. With his strong hands manipulating my knee, I am actually getting relief AND the swelling is going down.

If you have any issues that need attention, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Welch and his staff as they have a number of different modalities that might help you.”

– Joannie M.

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“The reason I feel that chiropractic is great is the ‘WOW’ factor I get from it. I love when a patient is hobbling in here, and then walking out. I get that sense of satisfaction that I made a difference in their life…”

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