Strength Training Program for Men

By Dr. Caleb Mitchell, DC

As we get into warmer weather in Reno, you may be more motivated to build some strength and tone that may have been lost over these very long winter months. As a Reno chiropractor who focuses on sports medicine, I get asked for workout plans all the time from my male patients who are looking to build muscle and strength.

I often recommend this 12-week spring strength workout program from Muscle and Fitness. There are several reasons why I like this one in particular. First, it is a two-phase program that includes four days of training for the first six weeks, then ramps it up to six days of training for the last six weeks. This is really good for people who get bored of the same workout plan for 12 weeks, and the progression in intensity allows for better results by the end of the program.

I also really like that this program emphasizes both strength and hypertrophy. Especially for guys, they want to “bulk up” or build muscle, whereas my female patients are usually looking for strength but want lean muscle tone. This workout will increase muscle size so that guys will get that definition as well as strength.

Lastly, this workout program allows for ample rest time in the second phase for each major muscle group. This is because it is structured to only work each muscle group once a week. Rest and recovery is where those muscle fibers that are fatigued then build back up, giving you that increased definition and muscle mass.

Workout plan courtesy of Muscle and Fitness

Part 1: Endurance

Weeks 1 – 6 | Endurance and Hypertrophy

Muscle and Fitness Strength Workout Days 1 - 6

Part 2: Strength

Week 7 – 12 | Max Strength and Hypertrophy

Muscle and Fitness Strength Workout Weeks 7 - 12


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