How Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Golf Game

There’s nothing that quite compares to a day on the golf course. But if you hit the links on a regular basis, you know the challenges and frustrations that come with playing. In this blog post, we will explain how a regular chiropractic regimen may be the best thing you can do for your golf game.

Golf may very well be the most mentally demanding sport there is. The psychological component of golf tends to be the largest challenge for the average player. But, as mentioned in this article from the American Chiropractic Association, the majority of golfers undervalue the biomechanics and conditioning required to play well. Did you know that up to 10 times a person’s body weight is exerted on the spine during a golf swing? On top of that, every joint involved in the swing is taken through its maximum range. Chiropractors and doctors alike have found that elbow pain and (lower) back pain are some of the most common complaints while playing.

Getting in Shape vs. Getting New Clubs

Many golfers are stubborn in nature and, until told otherwise, believe that their mechanics are flawless. So when they run into a string of high scores, it’s common for them to re-evaluate their clubs. Market research shows that most golfers buy into the notion that better equipment leads to better play. However, it’s actually the physical fitness and conditioning of the person swinging the club that can negatively impact performance the most. It’s why more professionals on tour are incorporating chiropractic into their regular routine.

Consider the case of Zach Johnson, the PGA tour 2015 winner. Johnson, who received chiropractic from his dad throughout his childhood and teenage years, cites the treatment for improving function and balance while also reducing “pain associated with the grind of repetitive movement and high-speed movement in the swing.”

So if you’re serious about taking the next step with your golf game, it’s imperative to get serious about conditioning. At Northern Nevada Chiropractic in Reno, we see plenty of neck, back, shoulder, hip, elbow, and wrist problems that stem from the golf course. There are 14 areas of the body that are engaged during the golf swing. If a patient happens to fail any of these exam points, there are protocols in place and patients are provided with strengthening and stabilizing exercises to do at home, in addition to treatment at the office. Your chiropractor can develop individualized workout programs that vary from body weight stability exercises to simple isolation strength exercises using machines or more advanced functional strength movements.

Treatment for Back Pain from an Experienced Chiropractor

Whether you’re suffering from golf-related injuries or other ailments, our team has the back pain remedies in place for you. From spinal decompression therapy and sciatica relief to slipped disc treatment, we can help.

Contact us now to get started.

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