Laser Therapy Shows Incredible Results for Faster Healing

At Northern Nevada Chiropractic, we strive to relieve or eliminate pain caused by injury or just general wear and tear on the body. All of our modalities are non-invasive and are aligned to work with the body to promote faster healing. One modality that is especially effective is laser therapy treatment. The treatment does not require the use of drugs or surgery, and there are no dangerous side effects or risks. In addition, Laser therapy provides enhanced treatment outcomes faster than any other treatment modality.

We have had countless patients benefit from laser therapy, whether they were suffering from strained tendons, a sports injury, or recovering from a surgery.

One patient, Charles, had the full range of motion in his wrist restored after only two treatments with the laser. Prior to starting laser therapy at NNC, Charles experienced sharp pains in his wrist and he could not move it without discomfort due to fixation from a previous trauma. Dr. Welch prescribed laser therapy to help reduce swelling and accelerate the healing of the tissue that was damaged during the initial trauma.

“It was amazing,” said Charles, “I noticed a big difference after one treatment and was totally recovered after two. I would most definitely recommend laser therapy. It was highly effective.”

The laser delivers light energy units, in the form of photons, to damaged cells. This helps aid the body’s own healing process to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, stimulate tissue growth, and provide overall accelerated pain relief and healing.

In another patient success story, Mary Ann, experienced a significant decrease in swelling as a result of laser therapy. Mary Ann had surgery to repair a complex meniscus tear and a fracture on the back of the knee. The swelling was so bad after surgery, that she could not do physical therapy. Dr. Welch recommended laser therapy to reduce swelling and prevent scar tissue.

“Dr. Welch suggested laser therapy because the knee and leg were very swollen and I swear it is really working!” Mary Ann said, “My knee is feeling so much better! I could not even walk a week ago.”

Not only has the swelling been greatly improved, but so has her pain. “The pain is reduced by at least 50 percent since starting treatment,” Mary Ann said.

Mary Ann opted for one of NNC’s 6 Laser Treatment Packages and has completed three so far with great results. Dr. Welch anticipates the swelling will be reduced enough in her knee by treatment six that she will be able to return to physical therapy.

The laser treatments help to reduce the formation of scar tissue and reduce inflammation which allows for increased range of motion, making it an ideal therapy for patients recovering from surgery.

Laser therapy is also highly effective to reduce swelling and repair tissues damaged from injury. We have great skiing here in northern Nevada, but sometimes that adventure can result in injury. Dr. Nelson’s patient, Vic, fell while snowboarding with his arms outstretched and suffered some tendon damage on the top of his elbow, so she prescribed laser therapy to reduce swelling and aid in faster healing.

“The results were amazing!” Vic said. “The swelling went completely down, and my arm went back down to normal size within the first week.”

Vic also opted for the 6 Laser Therapy Package and has completed all six treatments. “My mobility has improved exponentially in that arm as well,” Vic said. “I could not be more impressed – it was mind blowing to see that happen. Laser far exceeded my expectation of what the treatment would do!”

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