History and Benefits of Chiropractic

We all want to be healthy and feel as good as we can, regardless of age. Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, our bodies tend to break down. It can be frustrating to the point that we can’t stay as active as we’d like.

What’s the solution? For many people, dangerous pain medication seems like the best quick fix for your physical ailments. However, that only causes more problems in the long run. At Northern Nevada Chiropractic, our team focuses on the benefits of chiropractic by healing of patients without invasive surgical techniques or drugs. We treat a variety of health maladies and illnesses by focusing on the entire person rather than settling for a short-term “fix.”

Each of our back pain specialists strives to assist our patients in discovering optimal wellness while also enjoying an active, pain-free lifestyle. If you’ve ever been curious about chiropractic care but aren’t really sure about its benefits, see below.

Chiropractic benefits help to improve:

History of chiropractic

Chiropractic first came about by a healer named D.D. Palmer in 1895. Harvey Lillard, a man who was deaf in one ear, went to see Palmer for his condition. Palmer quickly learned that Lillard suffered a head injury that preceded the partial deafness. The healer thought to evaluate Lillard’s spine and noticed that a vertebra in his upper back seemed out of alignment.

After getting Lillard back on track, Palmer stated: “I had a case of heart trouble which was not improving. I examined the spine and found a displaced vertebra pressing against the nerves, which innervate the heart. I adjusted the vertebra and gave immediate relief — nothing ‘accidental’ or ‘crude’ about this. Then I began to reason if two diseases, so dissimilar as deafness and heart trouble, came from impingement, a pressure on nerves, were not other disease due to a similar cause? Thus the science (knowledge) and art (adjusting) of Chiropractic were formed at that time.”

From there, Palmer developed chiropractic, which comes from the Greek words “cheiros” and “praktikos,” translating as “with hands.”

Why consider chiropractic care?

For centuries, chiropractic medicine has helped millions of people worldwide enjoy a higher quality of life. Chiropractors use gentle spinal manipulation to adjust subluxations within the spine. Keep in mind, though, that chiropractic isn’t just limited to neck and back pain. While focusing on the body as a whole, chiropractors can reduce and even eliminate a number of health issues and their symptoms through comprehensive spine health care.

So many health issues are caused and exacerbated by blocked nerve signals. If the discs and vertebrae compress and irritate the nerves, the signals they send to various body parts are of lesser quality. That’s where we often see pain and discomfort resonate from. But when a chiropractor gently manipulates the elements of the spine in their proper alignment, that irritation is reduced, enabling body parts to function properly. In turn, we see less of a chance for illness and disease.

We invite you to explore our services and contact us should you be interested in seeing what our wellness clinic can do for you.


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