Spinal Decompression Treatment Options

Northern Nevada Chiropractic has Several Spinal Decompression Treatment Options Using Four Unique Tables

Spinal decompression is one of the most effective treatments to relieve lower back pain, neck pain, and tingling or numbness in the hands and arms. Often times patients do not know what to expect or how spinal decompression works. In these videos, we take you through each of the tables and demonstrate how they work and what type of relief you should expect from these treatments.

Lumbar Spinal Decompression Therapy

One of the most common therapies we do is Lumbar Spinal Decompression, which works to relieve lower back pain most often caused by bulging or herniated discs in the spine. There are two types of Lumbar Spinal Decompression tables we use at Northern Nevada Chiropractic depending on the goals of the patient and their mobility. One of the tables has the patient lay flat and then they are harnessed in and the decompression force relieves the pressure on the disc. The second table allows the patient to “step in” and then reclines to create the decompression and reverse the gravitational force on the spine. Both of these options create a lot of relief for our patients without any drugs or surgery.

Cervical Decompression Therapy

When a patient has stinging or zinging pain sensation down the arms, it is most often caused by a condition called cervical radiculitis. In this video, Dr. Welch demonstrates the use of Cervical Decompression Therapy to pull the cervical spine and relieve pressure on the pinched nerve, alleviating the pain that is coming from the nerve root and causing tingling, numbness, and weakness in the hands or arms.

Ergoflex Back on Trac

An option for Spinal Decompression that does not put pressure on the stomach is the Ergoflex Back on Trac. Dr. Riley shows how the machine works and why it is an effective form of spinal decompression for elderly patients, patients who have a hard time lying down, or those who do not want the traditional harness around their midsection. Using traction from underneath the armpits, the Ergoflex reclines back and creates that decompression for the spine, relieving back pain.

Which Spinal Decompression Treatment is right for you?

Your doctor will assess your condition and create a treatment plan that is unique to your goals for healing and mobility. For example, many of these treatments can be used to avoid back surgery, or to relieve pain from a failed surgery. All of these therapies are non-invasive and use pounds-per-square-inch to relieve pressure and gravity on the spine, allowing for disc healing or un-pinching of nerves that can cause tingling or weakness. Your doctor will prescribe the treatment table and the number of sessions to see results in your individual case.

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