How Flexion Distraction Helps Muscle and Joint Pain

Most adults will experience some type of muscle and joint pain. Whether that is a result of aging, injury, disease, or changes in the body. Flexion distraction is a non-invasive, highly effective treatment to alleviate pain in the muscles and joints. It is performed using a sophisticated and specialized table. At Northern Nevada Chiropractic, we use a top-of-the-line ATF Automatic Flexion Table developed by Hill Laboratories.

What is Flexion Distraction?

Flexion distraction is a non-surgical technique aimed at increasing spinal motion and resolving disc bulges and herniated discs. The treatment works to take pressure off the injured spinal nerves and is a safe, gentle, and non-adjustment procedure.

As your chiropractor performs the gentle manipulations, a section of the treatment table drops or moves, changing the positioning of your body. When your body drops slightly, gravity enhances the effects of treatment and helps realign your spine.

How Does a Flexion Distraction Table Work?

Your doctor may use some manual techniques with the table to resolve the herniated disc or bulge. The goal is to allow the spine to move correctly so that it removes pressure from the bulging disk. The flexion distraction table does this by creating a negative pressure that pulls the disc bulge back into the spine. The flexion distraction motion also maintains healthy discs through diffusing fluid in the body, allowing nutrients into the spinal disc and keeping them healthy.

The AFT we use at NNC was designed to deliver effective lumbar flexion in one controlled and hands-free movement. Your chiropractor will secure you with the ankle straps and pull out the sliding ankle piece to preload the lumbar spine. They will then unlock the standard sliding axial motion headpiece, set the flexion speed from 1 to 28 rpm, depending on the needs of the patient. Your chiropractor may also unlock the lateral flexion handle and insert the tiller bar to perform effortless movements of the shoulders, arms or legs (circumduction).

The Hill AFT also has four manual drops including Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, and Pelvic. The Cervical Drop has dual action enabling either straight or forward drop motion. Each drop has an adjustable tension knob and is loaded manually with convenient lifting handles on both sides of the table.

Watch Dr. Welch demonstrate how the Flexion Distraction table works


What Conditions are Treated with Flexion Distraction?

Flexion distraction is used to treat many conditions of the lumbar spine including:

The benefits of having flexion distraction include:

  • Reduce pressure on your spinal nerves and discs
  • Decrease bulging of herniated discs
  • Improve range of motion and mobility
  • Help you manage chronic back pain
  • Relieve stiffness
  • Decrease neck pain and headaches
  • Eliminate or delay the need for surgery in some cases
  • Promote good disc health
  • Relieve pain and numbness in the back, buttocks, arms, and legs
  • Improve posture
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