Custom Orthopedic Pillows Reduce Pain and Stiffness, and Create More Restful Sleep

Orthopedic pillows create a custom fit to help you sleep better and with less pain.

I know what you must be thinking: Orthopedics? For my pillow? Yes, orthopedics does not just refer to shoe inserts. Orthopedics is actually a medical specialty for the correction of deformities in the bones or muscles. An orthopedic pillow can help relieve neck and shoulder pain, reduce restless sleep and tension headaches, and correct cervical spine disorders, such as loss of cervical curvature.

At NNC, we recommend the Exclusively Yours Cervical Support Pillow by Foot Levelers. We partner with Foot Levelers to create custom shoe orthotics for patients and have seen incredible results from pain relief to increased stability and mobility. When we learned that Fool Levelers also made a pillow that could be custom fit, we were eager to try it.

exclusively-yours custom orthotic pillow

The pillow works by putting the patient through a fitting process. Much like the Foot Levelers’ machine that scans the foot to look for problem areas, the fitting process takes four easy measurements to ensure a custom solution. First your upper torso is measured, then the ears, the base of the neck, and finally from the top of the shoulders to the middle of the ear. These measurements, coupled with a few questions about sleeping preference (side, back, combo), as well as current mattress information gives the metrics needed to create your custom pillow. After the fitting, the pillow takes about two weeks to complete.

Ideal candidates for the Exclusively Yours Cervical Support Pillow are patients looking to upgrade their current pillows for a more restful sleep aided by a supportive solution with a better fit.

The conditions that are most helped by these pillows include:

  • Tension headaches
  • Cervical spine disorders or loss of cervical curvature
  • Neck and shoulder problems
  • Tight muscles or sprains and strains
  • Those who suffer from restless sleep

Since offering these pillows to patients, the feedback and results have been tremendous. They do take a brief period to adjust to – especially if you have always slept on a traditional pillow – but after a couple nights, patients report resting better throughout the night and experiencing less pain upon waking and throughout the day. We have even had people who are not patients of NNC order pillows upon recommendations from a loved one. Dr. Welch has the Exclusively Yours pillows and swears by their positive effects on alignment and restful sleep.

If you are interested in learning more, ask your doctor to have you fitted for your Cervical Support Pillow at your next appointment. Here’s to sweet dreams, restful sleep, and less pain and stiffness through this orthotic pillow solution!

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