Top 5 Conditions Helped by Functional Dry Needling

Conditions helped by functional dry needling include improved range of motion, alleviation of pain, tension relief, and calming of muscle spasms. It is different from acupuncture in that it [...]

Dry Needling Therapy to Repair Rotator Cuff Injury

As chiropractors in Reno, we see a lot of shoulder injuries, most commonly rotator cuff injuries. Rotator cuff injuries are caused by a chronic rounding of the shoulders. We see this with people [...]

Dry Needling Combined with Laser Therapy Provides Faster Healing

At Northern Nevada Chiropractic, we offer laser therapy and dry needling. Both are excellent treatments for many conditions and provide faster healing and long-term relief from previously chronic [...]

Dry Needling Provides Headache and Migraine Relief without Drugs

If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, you know the pain can be very disruptive to your life. Most treatments for headaches include pain meds, whether over the counter or [...]

Dry Needling Can Help Relieve Tension Headaches

What Causes Tension Headaches? First off – What is a tension headache? Tension headaches can feel like a tight rubber band around the top of the head waiting to snap! These types of [...]

How Dry Needling Helps Relieve Musculoskeletal Pain

The human body consists of 206 bones and over 600 muscles. These muscles and bones within the body make up the musculoskeletal system. The Musculoskeletal system of the body is made up of all the [...]